I am bohemian and happy. I believe the world should be travelled and discovered. I am curious and believe that real beauty comes from within, I believe in the power of feminine energy to transform and conquer it all.


We are bathing suits that act as beach charms and activates woman confidence. We want to awake in you feelings and sensations of TRUST, SELF LOVE , INNER FORCE, BEAUTY, FREEDOM, MAGIC, POWER. WE BELIEVE in the power of SELF LOVE. Our struggle is to INCREASE THE POWER OF FEMALE  ENERGY through our clothes.

We are 100% Colombian.

Our Designer
Our Team
Charms History
Our Designer


Our designer, Natalia Martinez González, is an Engineer of product design and a Specialist in product design management of Eafit University.

From a young age she developed a a great love for fashion, textiles, and seamwork, being that her grandmother was a dressmaker and they would both design and make outfits for herself aswell as her barbie dolls. Natalia knew that one day she would have her own designer brand where she would be able to tell a thousand stories and make an impact on many womens lives through her outfits.

Mixing her love for fashion aswell as the spiritual and mystical world makes her dreams a reality this present day. Her brand is creative, joyful, and authentic. Through her outfits “Amulets” she looks to empower women and teach them to see themselves as beautiful inside and out.


Our Team

Our team is composed by committed, happy, authentic, and dreamy people that are willing to give the best each day. These are people that love and express our brand. Each person contributing love and knowledge about Mompossina aswell as advancing increasingly towards their personal goals. Something that we have very clear is that we want happy, creative, driven people. We want people with dreams and and we want to see them grow everyday. We want to stick together as a team but also respect the fact that every person has their own wings to fly. We are a team of happy and united people. WE ARE MOMPOSSINA.

Charms History

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think of our brand?

Mompossina are swimsuits that act as beach charms which activate the confidence in a woman.

What feelings or sensations should we bring out in people?

Confidence, self love, inner strength, and beauty.

What do we believe in?

In loving ones self, and freedom.


I am bohemian, joyful, I think the world is here to discover it, to travel it. I am curious and I love making friends. I think beauty comes from within. I believe in the power of feminine energy in order to persuade and achieve everything I propose in life.


What is our fight?

To increase the power of feminine energy.